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BugThe Wisconsin Pest Survey Program uses the collected survey information to create presentations and reports for various audiences, partners and cooperating agenciies.

Please follow the links below to view a selection of those reports.

A collection of pest survey presentations given at various conferences and meetings by Plant Industry Bureau staff. The following presentations are in Microsoft Powerpoint format.

DATCP Insect Survey 2014 & Outlook for 2015 - 10MB PDF
DATCP Insect Survey 2014 & Outlook for 2015 - abstract - 555KB PDF
Crop Disease Survey 2014 - 1.44MB PDF
Crop Disease Survey 2014-Abstract - 742KB PDF

DATCP Insect Survey 2013 & Outlook for 2014 - 413KB PDF
DATCP Insect Surveys 2011 & Outlook For 2012 - 1.7MB PDF
DATCP Insect Surveys 2010 & Outlook for 2011 - 1.4MB PDF

Crop Disease Survey 2013 - 1.05MB PDF
Crop Disease Survey 2013-Abstract - 481KB PDF
Crop Disease Survey 2010 - 753KB PDF
Crop Disease Survey 2009 - 613KB PDF
Crop Disease Survey 2008 - 2.3MB PDF

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