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Welcome to the Wisconsin Pest Survey Program!

farmThe Pest Survey Program has collected and published timely information on important pests affecting Wisconsin field crops since 1915 and is run by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

DATCP plant pest specialists conduct field surveys of Wisconsin crops. Survey activities involve sampling plants for diseases, trapping and identifying insects, and estimating insect populations.

The Plant Industry Laboratory in Madison provides diagnostic support, testing plants and soil for diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses and nematodes.

The information gathered through our field surveys is used to:

  • Alert growers and other agriculture professionals to the presence of plant pests and outbreaks.
  • Determine pest trends affecting agricultural management practices.
  • Certify that Wisconsin plants and plant products to be exported are free from regulated pests.

During the growing season, timely information on pests is published weekly in the Wisconsin Pest Bulletin. This website compliments the WI Pest Bulletin with in depth pest reports including current and historic survey results and information about related programs.

Program Topics

Grower Participation
Participate in one of our upcoming surveys.

Exotic Pest Detection
Targeted surveys to detect exotic (invasive, non-native) pests.

Plant Industry Laboratory
Identification and diagnosis of plant diseases, viruses and nematodes.

Review seasonal survey summaries, historic pest trends, and annual program reports.

Apply for permits to import or move live plant pests, biocontrol agents, or federally listed noxious weeds into or within Wisconsin.

A collection of pest survey presentations given at various conferences and meetings. 

Export Certification
Apply for phytosanitary certificates to ship plants and plant products to another state or country. Information about seed field inspections.

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