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MoldYou can help to prevent the spread of exotic invasive pests!

If you think you found an exotic pest, please report it by calling the Pest Hotline 1-886-440-7523.

See contact information below for your local county agent and University of Wisconsin-Extension diagnosticians.

They are great resources for pest identification, including common and homeowner pest problems.




County Extension Agent Directory


Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic
Dr. Brian Hudelson, Phone: (608) 262-2863

Insect Diagnostic Lab
P.J. Liesch, Phone: 608-262-3227

Emerald Ash Borer
To report a Emerald Ash Borer find please call the Emerald Ash Borer hotline: 800-462-2803 or visit this website for up-to-date information:

Gypsy Moth
For information about Gypsy Moth in Wisconsin call the Wisconsin Cooperative Gypsy Moth Information Line 1-800-642-6684 or visit this website http://gypsymoth.wi.gov/


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