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Grower Participation

PlantFarmers and growers are important to the success of our surveys.  These range from disease surveys of soybeans and potatoes to trapping of exotic insects in orchards and fields. Surveys are designed to minimize impact on growers and will usually mean allowing specialists access to fields. Additionally, we may ask questions about the management or cropping practices.

For potato surveys contact:
Tim Leege, Phone (715) 623-3930, Tim.Leege@wisconsin.gov
Sara Ott, Phone (715) 486-0429, Sara.Ott@wisconsin.gov

For corn, soybean, wheat survey contact:
Adrian Barta, Phone: (608) 224-4592, Adrian.Barta@wisconsin.gov 

For insect surveys of field crops contact:
Krista Hamilton, Phone: (608) 220-7378, Krista.Hamilton@wisconsin.gov

Can I send in samples?
Please call or email first!   For most surveys DATCP survey specialists will collect samples from your field for you.  Our specialists follow standard field sampling protocols and will transport samples on ice directly to our laboratory for diagnosis.

For Plant Industry Laboratory contact: Anette Phibbs, Phone: (608) 224-4600, anette.phibbs@wisconsin.gov

Final test results will be sent directly to you.  State-wide general summaries will be shared with the public through this website, industry newsletters, the Wisconsin Pest Bulletin and staff presentations at grower meetings.

Where else can I send my sample?
The University of Wisconsin-Extension provides diagnostic services to the public, such as homeowners, farmers and the green industry.  Your local County Extension agent is an excellent resource for information http://www.uwex.edu/locations.
Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic
Dr. Brian Hudelson, Phone: (608) 262-2863 

Insect Diagnostic Lab
Phil Pellitteri, Phone: 608-262-6510

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