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BugThe Wisconsin Pest Survey Program uses the collected survey information to create presentations and reports for various audiences, partners and cooperating agenciies.

Please follow the links below to view a selection of those reports.

Wisconsin Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey Reports
Reports of surveys conducted under the Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) program umbrella. Target pests vary from year to year, and have included soybean aphids and virus diseases, Sirex wood wasps, small hive beetle of honey bees, exotic mollusks and others.

2012 CAPS Report - 852KB PDF
2011 CAPS Report - 360KB PDF
2010 CAPS Report - 360KB PDF
2009 CAPS Report - 408KB PDF
2008 CAPS Report - 212KB PDF
2007 CAPS Report - 441KB PDF
2006 CAPS Report - 774KB PDF
2005 CAPS Report - 142KB PDF

Link to CAPS Home:

Plant Industry Bureau Annual Reports

Plant Industry Bureau Annual Report 2014 - 2.76MB PDF
Plant Industry Bureau Annual Report 2013 - 3.2MB PDF

Wisconsin Central Plant Board Reports (CPB)
The following link provides the annual report of the Plant Industry Bureau, including the Christmas Tree, Nursery, Phytosanitary, Pest Permitting and Biocontrol, and Pest Survey programs.

2013 CBP Report - 3MB PDF
2012 CBP Report - 3.8MB PDF
2011 CBP Report - 1.1MB PDF
2010 CBP Report - 973KB PDF
2009 CBP Report - 676KB PDF
2008 CBP Report - 266KB PDF
2007 CBP Report - 3.7MB PDF
2006 CBP Report - 1.2MB PDF
2005 CBP Report - 627KB PDF

Link to CBP Home:

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