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Potato Reports

Potato In recent years Wisconsin potato growers and the DATCP pest survey team have been working together to conduct state wide surveys for disease and nematode problems that are of particular interest to potato production and trade in this state. Thousands of potatoes and soil samples have been collected from potato fields by DATCP's fruit & vegetable inspectors and tested at Plant Industry Laboratory.

Potato Disease Surveys 2010
2010 Powdery Scab Potato Survey - 356KB PDF

2010 Corky Ringspot of Potato Survey - 369KB PDF

Corky Ringspot & Powdery Scab Surveys of Potato Fields 2010 - - 614KB PDF

2010 Potato Late Blight - 239KB PDF

Potato Disease Surveys 2009
2009 Late Blight Potato Report - 330KB PDF

Potato Disease Surveys 2008
2008 Potato Cyst Nematode Survey - 140KB PDF

Potato Disease Surveys 2007
2007 Potato Cyst Nematode Survey - 300KB PDF

Potato Fact Sheets
Potato Powdery Scab - 156KB PDF

Potato Mop Top Virus Factsheet - 84KB PDF

Potato Rot Nematode Fast Facts - 92KB PDF

Corky Ringspot of Potatoes - 369KB PDF

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